Welcome to the Women On Boards Initiative

The Executive Women’s Council of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce its Women on Boards Initiative. The WOB Directory is an online database that features credentials of qualified women available for corporate and public board appointments.   The under representation of women from this region at the board level remains a key obstacle for women in business. This online directory will help bridge the gap between qualified women and board placement opportunities, and is vital to both sides of the board appointment process.   The online Directory is being supported with grants from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development, the Women and Girls Foundations of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the Allegheny County Festival of Lights Fund.   REGISTER NOW if you are interested in Board Appointment opportunities.  


Read about the impact organizations like ours are having on board demographics in Pittsburgh as published in an article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette – http://www.ewcwomenonboards.org/women-are-making-strides-in-board-membership-is-pittsburgh-but-there-is-still-plenty-of-work-ahead/