About EWC

The mission of the Executive Women’s Council of Greater Pittsburgh (EWC) is to provide leadership and facilitate opportunities to enhance the economic and political power of professional women in the Pittsburgh region. Since its inception in 1975, EWC has positioned itself as a source of collective influence for women, a voice for political and economic development issues of specific importance to women, and a networking organization where women of achievement can share their interests and insights in a collegial environment.

About Women on Boards

Women on Boards (WOB) is one of EWC’s primary areas of focus. WOB is a strategic initiative designed to achieve more equitable female representation on boards of directors for public, corporate and influential not-for-profit organizations in what hastable
historically been a male-dominated region. After many years of consistent effort, EWC and its collaborating organizations have gradually begun to achieve success in influencing female placement on governmental and not-for-profit boards, although women have continued to lag behind in the for-profit sector. WOB made a significant advance in 2006 when EWC received a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. This grant, together with another from the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and a third from the Celebration of Lights Fund, enabled EWC to create and publicize the interactive database contained within this Web site. The database lists the credentials and specific expertise of professional women in the region who are qualified for service on noteworthy boards of directors. The database will continue to be the cornerstone of this WOB strategic initiative. Other significant components of WOB include EWC-sponsored educational programs designed to prepare professional women for high-level board service, strategic campaigns aimed at promoting women for specific board positions, and promotional activities intended to heighten awareness about the need for female board appointments in significantly greater numbers.


About You and WOB

We invite your inclusion in this database, whether or not you are a member of EWC (although we will always welcome you!). We also invite you to actively seek a board position for yourself or to support the campaign of other qualified women nominated for positions. WOB will work toward equitable representation one board placement at a time, but it will ultimately be successful only if all of us work together to realize this ambitious strategic objective.