1. Login

    1. I used to have an account on the old website, but I cannot login using the old credentials.
      The old credentials are not valid on the new website. You will be required to re-register by clicking on the “Register” link underneath the login box.

    3. I forgot my password. How do I recover it?
      If you have created an account on the new site, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Lost your password?” link underneath the login box. The system will ask you to enter your username (which is the same as an email). You will receive an email with further instructions on how to reset your password.

    5. How can I update my profile information?
      Currently, you cannot update your profile. Please send us the updates using the “Contact Us” form.

  2. Board Consideration Application

    1. I do not have an account on this site. Can I submit an application for board consideration?
      No, the submission for board consideration can only be accessed by creating an account on this website.

    3. I am not a member of the Executive Women’s Council (EWC). Can I submit an application for board consideration?
      Yes, you can submit the application. However, we strongly recommend that you also consider becoming an EWC member. The EWC is committed to empowering women and membership to our organization  will offer networking opportunities with like minded women and access to other resources and events.

    5. I have more than three boards. What should I do?
      If you have more than three board positions, please list the top three most relevant board positions.

    7. How can I update my submitted board application?
      You cannot update a submitted application. You can however, resubmit a new board application with the updated information